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quarta-feira, 1 de maio de 2013

Walking on the moon...

This picture is 'pure art' because the story behind the scene - and the fuckin´ beauty... And to have this perception of 'pure art', and this kinf of 'understanding', is part of the beauty of being human... I´m feeling like a man walking on the moon... This adventure is living inside me, all the time... 
Carlos Sherman

"E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

How the hell is this photo of the Moon even possible?

The image is by Switzerland-based photographer Philipp Schmidli, and came to our attention by way of Camilla Corona SDO (the intrepid mission mascot of NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory), who writes:

It took a lot of preparations and planning to make this happen. He wanted to find the perfect hill, needed to know the precious location where the Moon would rise over the hill and then had to place his friend strategically to make this shot reality.

Schmidli writes on his blog that he spent months scouting out the perfect vantage point for this shot, conducting much of his reconnaissance with Google Earth and a handheld GPS.

You've surely noticed that the moon illusion is working overtime in Schmidli's photograph. To achieve this effect, he had to station himself more than 1000 meters away from his friend on the bike, and employ a staggering 1200 mm focal length. (Remember this epic footage of a New Zealand moonrise, captured back in January? Astrophotographer Mark Gee had to set up 2 kilometers away from his foreground subjects to achieve that shot.)

Schmidli's long telephoto configuration allowed him to exploit an effect known as perspective distortion, wherein distant objects look significant larger relative to their foreground counterparts (see here for a more detailed explanation). When it comes to photographing the Moon, most photographers will recommend using a 200mm+ telephoto lens for precisely this reason. Schmidli uses his setup to great (and jaw-dropping) effect.

Read the full story :

Photographer´s website :
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